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    RF Island..


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    RF Island..

    Post by IrBoChe on Sat Jun 09, 2012 2:25 pm

    ngakak ngakak ngakak ngakak ngakak SUNDUL GAN SUNDUL GAN SUNDUL GAN

    Info Server

    Exp Rate x1500
    Exp Animus x50000
    Drop Rate 250x

    Quest open exp Off
    Auction is Off
    Mail is Off
    Free Upgrade +6
    Max Level 70
    No Over Donation
    Full PVP @ Outcast
    Farming @Sette

    NPC Item :

    Assault Armor 70
    ALL INTENSE +6 Already
    Intense Weapon 70 Level
    Granade Specialist Weapon 70 Level
    Tower Specialist 70 Level
    Saint Wing 65 Level
    MAU 70 Level
    PVP Weapon +3 Already
    Elemental Ball Hammon
    Elemental Flame Tiger Necklace
    Stable 5-6
    Relic 45 +6
    PB Teleport
    Dual Potion
    Cash Shop
    Tier 5
    Booster 65

    Drop List :

    Beginner Amulet @Flym
    Wind Intense weapon @Lucky Cube
    Talk Jade @Ops Lava / Lava
    S Armor 55 @Scud Lava
    S Armor 60 @Hook Brutal
    Ignorance and Favor Charm @Brutal
    Gloves & Shoes 65 Intense @Kukra Vafer Captain

    Piece of leon @Ring Leader Guard
    Leon Blue Print @Lack Jaw

    Quest Changer
    Other Excelsior @Calliana Archer
    Rune @Pit Boss Markas
    Tier3 @Giant Baba
    Superior Armor 65 @Jewel Cube
    Didalos/Palmas/Knightwalker @Devastator
    Special Rune @Great Kurr
    Talic Crystal @Black Demolis
    MAU Blessing @PB Scud Lava/Sting Bug

    Beginner Elemental @Flym
    Elemental High @ABA
    Elemental Perfect @Black Sign
    Special Elemental I @PB John
    Special Elemental II @Izen Cracker

    Tier 4 @Kukra Vafer Light Warrior
    Tier 4 @Cremul Snatcher Archer
    Talic @ABB
    Relic 55 @Draco Elan

    Gold Pig @Bulky Lunker
    Diamond Necklace of Kalliana Queen @ Kukra Vafer Gladiator
    Shiny Gold Box @Cremul Snatcher Captain
    Excelsior Y B W @Choty
    Membership Coupon Silver @HSK

    Web : [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
    Download patch RF Island..

    1. Part 1 : [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
    2. Part 2 : [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
    3. Part 3 : [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
    4. Launcher : [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


    Unable sell item ? [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


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    Re: RF Island..

    Post by attacherrie on Tue Nov 19, 2013 10:14 pm

    Update :
    Maksimal Level 150+3
    Exp Rate x99999
    Drop Rate x30
    Animus No Need GB
    New Job3rd
    New MAU
    New Master SKill
    New Perfect Monster
    New VIP System
    New Event

    - Flem Drop Elemental Perfect
    - Pitbos HQ and arround drop Horror Weapon

    *OutCast Land
    - Naroom Crawler Captain Drop Diamond Calliana Necklace
    - Naroom Patrol Pelor Spec
    - Hook Brutal Armor level 60 for newbie
    - PB Bel drop Jade of Vitality
    - Mini HSK drop All Rune

    - Devastator Drop MAU Blessing
    - Metal elf warload Drop Diamond Calliana Necklace
    - Metal Fly Hound Drop Diamond Calliana Necklace, Beam, Gli, Olive Excel C
    - PB Blink drop Blood Booster
    - Draco elan Potion 3 type dan Relic 55
    - Scud lava armor level 55 for newbie
    - PB Dagnue, Dagon, Dagan drop Elemental 3d Edited Effects
    - Taraven drop Palmas,Didalos, Knightwalker Upper
    - Calliana Queen drop Palmas,Didalos, Knightwalker Lower
    - Soul Cinder drop Palmas,Didalos, Knightwalker Gloves
    - Rockjaw drop Palmas,Didalos, Knightwalker Helmet

    - Covenant Forehand Runner Drop Diamond Calliana Necklace
    - Bloody Archer di Lures drop : PVP Capsule
    - Passer Alpha drop Potion DNA Avoid
    - Passer Beta drop Ironmans Potion, queen cook, dan others potion combine
    - Hobo di Ether drop Critical 25%
    - Choty Ether drop Hissy Potion
    - PB Eldy drop pasangan Ele Armor Didalos, palmas, knightwalker
    - Assassin Builder B drop Quick Revival Potion

    - Infected Beast -----[Diamond Calliana Necklace]----- Level 101-110
    - Metal Eater -----[Diamond Calliana Necklace]----- Level 111-120
    - Obelisk ----- [Diamond Calliana Necklace]----- Level 121-130
    - Ice BoggieBolt -----[Diamond Calliana Necklace]----- Level 131-140
    - Necro Metal----- [Box Talic]----- Level 141-150

    *VC - Belphegor drop Palmas,Didalos, Knightwalker Shoes

    - Covenant Hellawing Drop Diamond Calliana Necklace
    - Bulky Lunker drop Gold Pig Statue

    *Crag Mine
    - HSK Drop : Horror Weapon
    - Chip : Gold Capsule

    *Dimension Map
    GoldCapsule, Potion dan Box
    Sealed Teledun - Sette
    Sealed Dagan - Numerus
    Sealed Hora Blade Pawn - Armory 213
    Sealed Dagon - Solus
    Sealed Flame Draco - VC
    Sealed Taraven - OutCast Land

    -------^^^ this monster drop :
    Roast Chestnut
    Roast Sweet Potato
    Hot Chocolato
    DNA Capsule
    FullMoon Box

    Sealed Belphegor - Beast Mountain
    Sealed Soul Cinder - Elan
    Sealed Hora Baal Hamon - BioLab
    Sealed Calliana Queen - Ether
    Drop :[GoldCapsule 15000]

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